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Stucco texture repairs, Fixing bad textures on a stucco house










Stucco texture repairs, Fixing bad textures on a stucco house.
stucco resurfacing experts apply a new finish on a home

Howdy ambitious subscribers, we’re sharing some learned knowledge, so if interested in having this done to your home, welcome to this video. Stucco resurfacing experts apply a new finish on a home.

This new surface is 50 to 70 times thicker than paint. It has to be to cover all the old bad texturing.
The depth of the old mismatched texture is at least either inch thick to about a quarter-inch past the existing and original stucco finish.

How can this excess depth be hidden?
The new finish has to be taken into account that two coats or one coat of even heavier sand need to be applied to blend or feather in-depth.
We applied what is known as a 16/20 finish sand to fill in all the low spots and can flood the existing and new differences while not spider cracking or checking.
An as heavy fish must be floated to open the stucco surface, allowing the new finish to breathe, thereby allowing it to dry faster to prevent the old spired checking or cracking.

The advantages and benefits of spreading a stucco finish coat color.
They are fifty to seventy times thicker than paint.
This is why stucco medium or heavy sand finishes cover and hide imperfections in existing stucco finishes and why painting enhances these flaws.

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