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Common Interior Plastering ceiling Failures Fast Fixes










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FYI, it’s my preferred trowel.
You folks use what you have or what you are comfortable with.

Common Interior Plastering Failures Fast Fixes
Hello, how many of you have older homes with no ceiling venting to allow the steam of cooking foods or boiling water out?
Millions don’t have ventilation systems.
When I bought my house in 1980, it was built in 1890. It didn’t have any ceiling venting or any exhaust system.
That didn’t concern me. Personally, I was happy to live in a house than to worry about trivial things like ventilation.
Hell, I was happy it had windows, or I would have stapled on see-through plastic to keep the cold out.

Or how many live in apartments that an upstairs unit can flood in the kitchen or bathroom?
How many fish aquariums can break if you hit it with a baseball bat? Kidding guys.
Anyway, rainwater or water from overflowing toilets, bathtubs, kitchen sinks, and a hundred other things can seep through a floor hit the ceiling below. Viola, the plaster becomes loose. That’s life.
Jason and I are showing some of you guys and gals how to repair a ceiling. If that happens.
If it’s a wall, that’s too easy as no gravity, thus not as much fun.

I’m using what is called sheetrock or drywall compound.
  This plastering Video is for those who wish to understand how patching plaster walls or ceilings is accomplished and what gypsum-based drywall compounds products are available to work with.
 This video shows one of the most Popular gypsum-based fast set compounds available.

FYI, this ceiling was old cedar wood lath originally.
This wood lath was used from 1890 to about 1940 on millions of homes throughout the country.
Jason systematically pulled the buckling plaster off.
He then painted the wood lath with a bonding agent to give the old wood some necessary adhering abilities while removing dust, dirt, or grime.
He then screwed on some 3.4 metal mesh for extra strength.
We then just mudded it with a drywall compound. I have never seen any drywall compound shrink, personally.
What folks may be referring to when compounds or any types of cement are compromised, like being mixed in dirty buckets or with a filthy paddle or old compounds left in bags for long periods, is that mix can set in seconds or not for hours.

  There are many more; if you are at HD or lowes, there are two drywall compounds to choose from. 
USG Easy Sand Joint Compound VS Westpac’s Fast Set Joint Compound, I have to say there is no difference in spreading them, as I can’t tell either one from the other if I didn’t know which product it was.

Does anyone want to see some serious talent? click the video below. interior plastering, the spinning Plaster hawk,

Or how about in this video, joint Compounds, Westpac Fast Set, or USG Easy Sand: at 2:26 I show the two types of gypsums, Westpac and easy sand.

Lastly, we have recorded a couple of videos out of the hundreds if you have a bigger problem. stucco or exterior cement plaster on any ceiling. and repair interior plaster on walls and ceilings.

Next, kick back, relax, and enjoy the video!
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