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Counter flashing chimney flashings










chimney flashings counter flashing
Counter flashing chimney flashings inserting the flange in the grout is the key.

Since the owner was painting all the new and existing flashing, the caulking color didn’t matter.
We used Sikaflex one a, which is an adhesive sealant. This caulking does come in a variety of colors.
FYI, I’m a stucco contractor, not a roofer. As I was working on stucco repairs, the owner asked me if I knew how to do this. So Jason and I did it.
I personally prefer stucco work to this tedious but necessary stuff.

We first removed the existing caulking set against the bricks and instead used a skill saw with a diamond blade to cut a groove into the grout 3/4 quarter of an inch, after which we inserted the new L flashing in this cut groove or grout line.

So my new flashing is not set against the brick but Instead inserted into the grout a half-inch, then caulked.
It’s a better system, but I don’t believe I explained this well, judging from other comments. Live and learn; after hundreds more video’s I am better at explaining the details.

We show you how to properly counter flash a chimney area. Now, the issue with this chimney wasn’t that it currently leaked.
The previous guys did an ok job that would have probably lasted 10 to 15 years.
However, the owner requested the flashing be inserted, which meant cutting a line in the grout.

He was not interested in building a new cricket on the roof, sometimes called a saddle roof, just adding some longevity to the flashing and counter flashing.

The flashing they used was only set against the bricks and caulked. Therefore, it was not inset into the system.

Flashing simply laid against a brick surface and caulked will not last long.

Instead, the metal flange should be inserted at least ½ to ¾ inch into the grout or bricks.
Then sealed with a polyurethane caulking, like Siakflex 1 A caulking we used,
Which is construction sealant and adhesives.

However, folks are welcome to do as they choose. It’s definitely technical stuff.

Jason and I think you will enjoy and learn a lot about roofing flashing or saddles in the video below. And protect your number 1 investment. Stucco wall to roof flashing, metal saddles.

Next, kick back, relax, and enjoy the video!
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