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Different Cement plasters, Common and plastic cement










Different Cement plasters, Common and plastic cement, Lehigh Hanson PREMIUM PLASTER

Howdy guys and gals, in this video I explain the Differences, between Common & plastic cement versus the all in one cement plaster made by Hanson , if you go to the professional plaster and stucco yards such as Westside building materials or Close building material in hayward or Cal-Ply in hayward and many other yards that us professional applicators shop you will find this material.
DIY folks the Lehigh Hanson PREMIUM PLASTER
is the easiest and in my humble opinion the best, you just add sand and water for strength and excellent spreadability.
For those of you who think in term of type’s such as one (l) and or type two (ll) the hansons premium is a combination of both!

Wait there’s more, if you’re not confused yet, there are other names which mean similar cement plaster like type’s S, N, M and l,ll,lll.

I use LeHighs premium cement plaster is has plastic and common in one bag,
The plastic is used for spreadability, the common is added for strength.
Both chemicals and or cements are in one bag.
You can also buy bags separately of common and bags of plastic as we used to do 20 years ago.
Little money savings are made by this, however, (lehigh’s premium plastering cement) is not sold everywhere in the world.

I mix basically 1 part cement plaster to 3 parts sand as a rule.
but sometimes mix 4 to 1 ration, also.
I allow my scratch coat to set 2 to 3 days, then apply the second coat,
I allow the brown or my second coat to set and or cure 2 to 3 weeks then apply the color finish.
Please note I hydrate during cure time.
Please not (Hydrate) just means spaying water to accelerate the expanding and contrasting a bit faster which all new cement plaster eventually does with time.

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lehigh premium plastering cement,
Different Cement plasters for outside walls, Common and plastic cement,Lehigh Hanson PREMIUM PLASTER

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