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ECHO TAPE the best tape for window and door frames










For those of you who have questions about Echotape, please call my pal David Jugan, his phone number is 714 767 2409 or e-mail David at [email protected]

Echo Tape, your windows and doors best, easiest and longest lasting friend without the nasty adhesive residue when it’s removed.

Hello everyone,in this video, I had a project that was supposed to take 4 weeks, it took 6 weeks as sheetrock and other important trades were not complete, this sort of thing happens, often.
No worries, we adapt to these situations.

The second part of this video I was trying to explain what all of us plastering contractors has experienced at some time in our being in business.

Indecision by a homeowner and or sometimes a contractor to choose a color and or texture, or the he failure to have all the trades completed in a certain order that are necessary prior to our application of a finish coat.

This means we have to wait!

Time and weather are tapes worse enemy, the sun will bake the tape causing the adhesives to heat or melt onto window and door frames, we hate that, but it happens to all plastering contractors at some point in their careers.

I and all home owners and or contractors have to hydrate the walls prior to applying a color finish, if the tape is old and beat up the water will flow behind it, which means it will run down glass panes and though the lower sill or tape at the bottom of the covered window and onto the walls, this is drag to deal with with when applying conventional earth tone colors, and is a nightmare to deal with when choosing custom dark colors or the lifestyle colors, excess water can and does cause a lot of bleeding in the darker colors.
You have the same effects with an inexperienced plaster trying to float behind a plasterer and does not understand how to keep his or her float consistent with water.
Too much water it’s like poring bleach on blue jean, not enough the finish looks horrible.

Staining of a color coat has the look of sharp mountains or valleys or looks like a graph used to indicate a stock market change.

Efflorescence appears like clouds and if you rub your hand on this salty substance it will leave a residue of powdery stuff on your palm. You should not paint over efflorescence without proper preparations, however staining stucco colors can be painted with minimal prep work.

Thanks for watching and have a fantastic day!
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