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Howdy guys and gals in my 30 years these are the best gloves for plastering, go below to buy gloves to buy these gloves wholesale.

I researched the site for you, click on link below for your convenience!

Attention tough and or ignorant fellas “not knowing” if you want manly hands that scare other men in bars or nightclubs, DON’T wear gloves your hand will be so raw and tough that if you touch your wife she will scream, plus as an added benefit you can lose your fingernails later in life, Wait there’s more, another cool benefit is that all the poisons you touch create a neurotoxin immediately through your pores which creates so many illnesses that It would take 20 paragraphs to get the point across.

Od course if you want soft, girly hands “like mine” that are strong as steal and look and feel good, spend a few bucks and buy online at wholesale prices.

Instead of say 6 to 7 bucks a pair at the stores or material yards, they are about 2 or 3 bucks online.

This is how old kirk saves cash and stops the poisons from entering through the skin.

Don’t believe, take some garlic mash into a paste put just a tiny amount on the bottom of your foot, wrap with plastic wrap, then put a sock on, you will taste the garlic in less than an hour, this is an experiment, don’t leave the garlic there too long.

After 30 years I still have men come to work with me now, if they are not wearing gloves I ask, “dude, where’s your gloves”?
many still say I don’t need or wear them!

Then when I explain why thay can’t sleep, have a bowel movement and are sick 24/7 most then say, “got an extra pair?”

Of course I have at least a dozen on my truck always, can’t have my sons and daughters poisoning them selves by not wearing gloves.
As the food today does this already.
In this video I was asked what gloves us plasterers ware to keep our hand dry, this is my response.

the gloves mentioned above are the best of the bestest Gloves for Plastering or Stucco, Plastering or rendering, or most work gloves available.

I respond to all questions, with a video if I can, this one was for Ron from Mexico,

Click the link above and buy wholesale at half the cost with free delivery.

Anyone applying any cementitious product or most interior products should wear gloves. Why? Google Lye!

I remember using coconut oil on my hands and wearing bags over them when I slept to get them back to normal, I was about 23 back then and knew everything and was too manly to wear them.

Today and since I wear gloves always, most plater materials have lye in them this agent will dry out your hands, next stage is they get so dry they crack, next stage is they bleed, you can figure the next stage with a bit of imagination. The idea is to never reach the first stage.

Thanks for watching and have a fantastic day!
Kirk Giordano Plastering Inc.

East Bay Stucco & Plastering Contractor

Gloves for Plastering or Stucco, work gloves at wholesale prices
Kirk & Jason Giordano’s DIY plastering tips
Gloves for Plastering, best work gloves, working man’s gloves
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