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How repairing a stucco hole in your porch ceiling is done










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Hello folks, is your plaster porch ceiling separating from the wood lath?
In this video, we explained how repairing a stucco hole in your porch ceiling is done.
I first examined the area where the plaster was dropping.
I carefully examined the loose, failing ceiling with the homeowner present.
I felt and pushed on the complete area.
I informed them that I could pull down the loose plater gently; if I was not careful, the entire ceiling could collapse.
One never knows the extent of loose plaster damage.
I was accurate, in my opinion; thus only made the hole twice as large as it originally was.
With my gloves on, I reached up to the loosened plaster and gently broke off all the loose plaster.
Why the gloves? Black window spiders love moldy wood and rusty steel to set up housekeeping or shop.
And indeed, there was a family of those pests up there.
Anyhow moving on.
After removing the loose plaster, I cleaned the areas well, then applied a bonding agent.
More importantly, I attached wire to the area with rib stucco lath? Why? Excellent question.
This area alone would stabilize the entire perimeter of where the loose plaster originated.
Then I applied plaster to fill the hole and give it a smooth finish to match the original finish.

Note, my youngest son Daniel Giordano was mixing and helping on this day; he said to me, Dad, I’ll bet my camera can take as good a picture as Jason’s camera; you folks be the judge on that? Cheers.

Now you know, have a wonderful and exciting day!

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How repairing a stucco hole in your porch ceiling is done.

Kirk & Jason Giordano
Kirk & Jason Giordano

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