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How to use Stucco and Plastering hand Tools and trowels










How to use Stucco and Plastering hand Tools, stucco trowels and tools
Stucco and Plastering hand Tools and trowels.
In this video, I explain the stucco tools in our plastering industry and how to use them.
These stucco tools can be found at Westside Building Materials located in Oakland ca. their phone number is (510) 532-2582.

They are formally known as Alta Building supplies.

Stucco is 3 parts plastering sand mixed with 1 part Portland cement.

We’re showing how to use what’s called a go-devel. In the plastering trade, we mostly call it a cheater.

Oddly enough, they are outlawed for stucco use why. While working with the union plastering industry, it was said that any plasterer using a cheater was too much work for a hod carrier to keep up with.🤔

With that line of things, we also had white bucket scoops that would be used to pull mud out of buckets. Unfortunately, they were also outlawed as they were too big. Thus the smaller green plastic one became the new normal. They also make red ones and many types of aluminum ones.
Why? It has been said a plasterer used the big white bucket scoop and pulled too much mud from a bucket and his wrist brook.

This is a bizarre but true story.
Me, of course, I still have one white bucket scoop left. If I had my choice or could buy another one or an even bigger one, I would do as I don’t worry about breaking bones, at least not at this point of my working career.

Next, kick back, relax, and enjoy the video!
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