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How to waterproof a shower wall enclosure










How to waterproof a shower wall enclosure

Howdy every one, this short and simple video explains the importance of waterproofing the shower wall before you go through the trouble of installing tiles.
this shower did not have the membrane done properly. I use Grace’s Vycor Plus, Self-Adhered Flashing (A peel and stick) for the entire walls, it is one of Grace’s thicker waterproof membranes.
This is applied prior to wonder board or a bed of grout. However, this fella did not have any peel and stick, I was working on the outside of the home and came in to see what was going on and noticed the 30 pound felt, I suggested he apply the Vycor membrane, (which I had on my truck) as one side did not have a waterproof lip going up .
After which, we applied another layer of the 30 pound felt horizontally, before he Screwed the wonder board back on.
I suggest Vycor by grace for your shower.
Lastly I have never nor do I recommend anyone ever use just a paper type of membrane to any shower but instead a peel and stick if possible.
Usually it takes about 3-5 years of water entry on a shower wall (depending on how many in the household) before you start to possible notice ants. Ant’s usually indicate there is a fungus in the framework, due of course to improperly installed or no waterproof membranes. I have taken apart a few showers to be very surprised to find nest upon nest so many in fact, that after a few minutes the wall look black, my first thought when this happened once was my vision is playing tricks with my mind.

How to waterproof the frame walls for a shower enclosure.

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How to waterproof a shower wall enclosure

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