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Install a drip screed wood to concrete with no prior counter flashing










Install a drip or weep screed on concrete porch

Hello folks! In this video I’ll show you how I blend code and cosmetics in order to make this concrete porch watertight. I use a large amount of sikaflex polyurethane caulking to seal the sheer wall to the concrete porch before I install my weep screeds.

Another way is to install is to use a metal flashing first, prior to the weep screed say tin or galvanized metal on top of the wood then attach the drip onto this. if this is what you prefer to do use the same caulking technique to attach the tin. can’t be too careful when it comes to water intrusion.

In this video, I’m making sure the entire underneath is filled with a Polyurethane elastomeric sealant and adhesive caulking (sikaflex) I then fill the weep holes and seal the bottom against the slab giving this wall the most water protection I can while still matching the previous cosmetics.
This porch slab is protected from the weather, but I still have to make this area watertight incase they place plants in this area and over water causing the water to set on the concrete.
I use 2 Ply Kraft (this means 2 layer spot glued so they stay together) for my weather resistive barrier. Its function is to prevent water from contacting the plywood sheathing and studs. Wet wood will rot while metal will rust. Therefore both must be kept dry. No one wants to deal with mold or mildew
The idea with 2 layer is that 2 layers offers a built in drainage plane for the wall system. So water can escape.
Another reason is if the outer layer fails you still have the inner layer. Plus 2 layers is just as easy to apply because it’s spot glued and wont separate as you staple it up.
How to install a drip or weep screed.

Two-Ply Jumbo Tex is a member of the Jumbo Tex family – a product line that has set the industry standard for effectiveness and durability as a weather-resistive barrier behind all major exterior wall claddings, especially stucco. It has been chosen by builders and architects to protect over five million homes and commercial buildings from the problems caused by water intrusion and excessive moisture.

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Install a drip screed on cement porch, Install a drip screed wood to concrete with no prior counter flashing

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