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Insulation blown in? How to easily repair Stucco textures over small holes










How do you insulate existing stucco walls? Easy, you blow the insulation into the stud bays.
If you had insulation blown in your exterior stucco walls, this is how to blend the new stucco over them and into the existing stucco.
The key to matching any existing stucco texture is knowing the right sand grit, then prepping the holes properly.
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The rules or common sense procedures are. When insulation companies blow the insulation into the stucco stud bays or fields. They should then plug the holes with beveled corks with a Sikaflex- polyurethane construction adhesive sealant or similar caulking placed around the edges to seal or fuse the corks to the existing paper.
Next, they or a contractor or homeowner needs to apply a bonding agent such as Weld-Crete or quikrete bonding agent, then apply the new stucco.
We were just fixing eyesores as they were mighty noticeable when painted.
I’ve seen some insulation companies not only shoot the insulation in properly but also plug them perfectly and then apply the stucco expertly.
Then again, I’ve seen some insulation services companies butcher walls with lousy waterproofing tactics that should be fined for poor workmanship.
Things that make you go, hmmm.🍾

Folks, a grinder with a Hilty diamond blade seems so much easier than using a trowel and is a lot easier.
Unfortunately, the silica and lye dust this creates is hazardous when inhaled to the home where the stucco was shaved off and to the surrounding homes.
Thus, when this dust is settled, then disturbed, like mowing the lawn, and becomes air born, humans inhale it and keep that stuff in our lungs forever. Give me Covid any day.
That’s why sandblasting has been illegal for the last 30 years.
I’m just stating a fact, all folks can do as they please.🤔

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Below are a few videos that Jason and I hope you find enjoyable. stucco knockdown dash finish, yellow. Veneer lime plastering kitchen walls. Stucco large cracking, no problemo, easy to fix.

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Insulation blown in? How to easily repair Stucco textures over small holes.

Kirk & Jason Giordano
Kirk & Jason Giordano

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