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Learn how to use Dupont FlexWrap to Waterproof window sills and flat surfaces like parapets










Howdy subscribers, This is a boring subject; however, it’s the main reason all the stucco was torn off this house in the first place. Leaking parapets, Had Dupont FlexWrap been invented then???? Learning how to lath stucco to your home.

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FlexWrap is an adhesive butyl-based backing that makes a secure watertight connection.

This video explains installing Dupont FlexWrap to waterproof horizontal surfaces before stucco applications.
I don’t mention that two layers of paper will not stop moister from seeping through.
Will two, four, or even six layers stop the rain or water from seeping through horizontal or flat surfaces? No
Want an example?
20 years ago, I had turtles that my daughter Madeleine loved.
In my bathroom, I set up in a corner 6 layers of this same paper in a corner and added dirt, baby teardrops, frogs, turtles, and water to keep them alive.
The paper was placed above the tile bathroom floor.
Two months later, She got bored of these turtles and frogs.

Thus, I removed all six layers. The mold on the tile floor was an eight-inch thick. Why? This paper is made for vertical surfaces, not for waterproofing flat or vertical surfaces.
Need another example? We did a 6,000-square foot house in the 80s In Oakland, ca, on the skyline hills.
This home was used in the movie “Made in America,” starring Ted Danson and Woopie Goldberg. The GC wanted the roof to be stucco. However, this extra or foolish suggestion was not in the prints.
When asked to do this, I said no, as I was his licensed plastering contractor.

I mentioned if he were to attach a peel and stick membranes, such as A Grace, Ice, and water shield, then as an additional charge, I would stucco this long carport about 30 feet wide by 60 feet long.
Google the movie, Made in America to see it.
I declined the additional job as he said just use paper.

A few years later, we were applying stucco to the home above.
I noticed they tore the complete roof off and were redoing it.
Paper will not protect a flat surface.
Back then, we did not video our work, but I have pictures of both jobs before, during, and after still to this day in my portfolio.
When Ole Kirk explains stucco or plastering tips, you can be sure there is a good reason for doing so.
We provide sound reasoning and or advice for all we do, regardless of how much nonsense I may ramble about.

This FlexWrap keeps water from seeping through windows and door sills.
Learn how and why to use DuPont Flexwrap as a window sill and even door pan.

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Thank you all for watching. Now you know, have a wonderful and exciting day!

Learn to use Dupont FlexWrap to Waterproof window sills and flat surfaces like parapets.

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