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Learn to apply a rapid or fast set stucco on any plumbing, electrical or new window or door patch










Howdy subscribers, below are all the basic tools we use and recommend on Amazon’s website.
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Howdy all, allow us to be your stucco symbolic leaders in attaining stucco wisdom.
Not sure what this means, but it sounds kinda cool.

We rare repairing these 3 sliding glass door surrounds using “Rapid set stucco.”
This video is for all weekend plastering warriors who want to save the dough and Do it Yourself.

First, go to HD or Lowes or another hardware store and pick up a 25-pound “Rapid Set Stucco box.”
And while there, you might want to pick up a hawk and trowel along with a bottle of Quikrete’s bonding agent.
About ten bucks a quart.

As my son Dan did in this video, you would empty the 25-pond box of Rapid set stucco into a 5-gallon bucket and mix with a drill and paddle. When you mix Rapid Set Stucco, consider a few things, clean buckets and paddles to mix, and don’t over-mix; the box says no more than 5 minutes.
Why? This product can explode if over-mixed! Kidding folks.
Plaster humor, guys, no such thing as any stucco exploding.

However, on the serious side, if you over-mix any of the 20 or more same-day stuccoes, it will weaken the stucco when it’s set.
Another thing, the bag says, just add water. What does that mean? Just add water; it was a trick question.

After it’s mixed, you are ready to apply the stucco to any newly installed windows or door surrounding plumbing holes and every other patch known to man in any stucco wall.

Plus, by doing your stucco, you can contribute to making me lazy, fat, and obsolete. Now you know.

More uses using Rapid Set Stucco that you would not believe possible. Stucco foundation is six inches thick.

Our unique tip for all subscribers who wish to learn how to repair your stucco, type your question into our channel, and like magic, a video will appear to explain how it’s done. Kirk’s website and contact information. My son Jason’s Website or contact info.

Thank you all for watching, have a wonderful and exciting day!

Learn to repair any hole in any stucco wall with rapid set stucco,
Learn to apply a rapid or fast set stucco on any plumbing, electrical or new window or door patch.

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