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Learn to stucco any wood rot patches, How to repair stucco on any termite damaged walls










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Kirk and Jason Giordano Plastering Inc.
Thank you all for watching this online free crash course on Patching your own holes and saving the dough. Apply stucco for a decent workout.
Now you know, have a wonderful day! 🤔

The title is an odd fact I keep reading in the comments; more women say I saved a ton of cash and did it myself with your instructions than men. Hmmm.

Okay, I’ll admit this now, specific tools are to be used in the proper sequence to save time and provide a superior job.
I tried to be different and experiment or be cute and just use the go devel for this patch.
The camera didn’t show that we would have shaved off an hour if I applied the stucco as a professional ought to have. What the hell? I was bored.

Funny, when I bid work throughout my entire career, I always think to myself, of course, I don’t say this out loud to the homeowner or contractor,
are you actually going to pay me to get this great workout?
Cool beans, daddieo, what a country.

FYI, in this video, very similar plastering except for lots of room while using a go-devel titled,
How to apply multiple Coats of Stucco in a day. Applying back to back stucco at the same time

So hello, my DIY homeowners, young apprentices, and even seasoned journeymen plasterers.
Watch and learn how we so-called stucco professionals show all how to spread a back-to-back coat of stucco on the same day.
With of all things, a Go-Devel.
Key Tip, the stucco lath can’t be too tight. It has to be attached normally.
Especially if you’re going to apply three fat coats with a go devel.

Oaky, since this wall is a bit thicker than the average stucco thickness. in the corners and tops
For any stucco applied more than one inch, gravity dictates that gravity will do the rest if more than an inch is applied.

As my brother Lu was filling the mud board, I was applying mud to the other side, hoping not to hear that familiar sound of cows shitting on flat rocks.
This can happen as I didn’t account for the cold weather in this wind channel we were working in.

Few realize how cold it was on this day. I had on three shirts, was working fast and hard, and was still chilly; that’s mighty cold to be all right.
Jason was filming me wearing his ski jacket, Lu’s like a wildebeest from Africa, thus unaffected by the weather, lions, or alligators. How can that be? They’d spit him out. As if they ate him they be too drunk to walk.

I mention this as when it’s that cold, twice as many accelerators need to be added. Did Lou add twice as much? Not quite; thus, I walked around the neighborhood for an hour while this wall set.

So yea, each coat I’m applying is about a 1/2 thick instead of the traditional 3/8.

Okay, since I’m rambling, here’s another fact that is not said in this video.

With same-day stuccos, apply or trowel it on, then allow it to set, don’t play with it or over trowel it. Why? This perhaps many folks won’t understand.
If you continue to trowel it or mess with it, you will break the packs; don’t do that!
Give the stucco at least 15 minutes to a half-hour or more before you try and apply the next coat, or most will simply slide off.
So do not over trowel any same-day materials.

Learn to plaster your own home, save the dough.
Live long and plaster for health and wealth.
Think and learn to plaster,
Plaster it everywhere you want to be,
Get plastered like stucco.
Become edumacated and learn to stucco.

Our unique tip for all subscribers with a question or concern, type your question into our channel, and like magic, a video will appear to explain how it’s done. Kirk’s website and contact information. My son Jason’s Website or contact info.
Kirk & Jason Giordano’s worldwide and online course on you learning to stucco your own patches.

Thank you all for watching, and wish all a beautiful day!

Learn to stucco any wood rot patches.
How to repair stucco on any termite damaged walls.

Kirk & Jason Giordano
Kirk & Jason Giordano

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