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Mud Sill Moisture Barrier, Flashing below grade, Rot starts where?










Mud Sill Moisture Barrier, Flashing below grade, wood rot starts where?

In this episode, we share our trade information regarding the importance of the mudsill moisture barrier. If the flashing is below grade, wood rot starts where?
At the bottom, as a rule, and works its way up.

Stucco weep or drip screeds, same thing
If your home was built before 1975, you wouldn’t have weep or drip screed as they were not required by building codes until about 1975.
If your stucco goes below the mudsill and into the dirt, the worst that happens is with movement. The home’s stucco can and will often crack and even sometimes buckle a bit.
Weep or drips screed has many purposes. One is to provide an expansion joint, the other is to provide a stop and a guild to apply the proper depth or thickness of the stucco.
There are a few more reasons for a weep or drip screed, but these are the best reasons to install them.
I believe it’s a myth or false belief that bugs will enter if the stucco is taken to the ground.
BTW, when attaching the weep screeds onto the substrate or plywood surface, below the mudsill part of the weep screed can touch the foundation. This depends on the plywood installation and is harmless.

More stucco and or weep screed idea. weep screeds mud-sills for code and cosmetics. drip screeds Flashing countering Z flashings. flashing weep stucco screed over a Z flashing. Stucco drip screed over copper flashings. Stucco drip screed over copper flashings

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