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Stucco a hole in a wall left by removing an air conditioner, Swamp cooler.










Stucco a hole in a wall left by removing an air conditioner, Swamp cooler.
Plaster a hole in a stucco wall left by removing an air conditioner.

Hello ambitious guys and gals interested in learning how to do it yourself, now possibly you can.
How? Watch, this video explains.

We show and explain how to repair a hole in the plaster left by removing an air conditioning unit.
Most times, after removing an air conditioner, you will need new studs depending on its size.

I detail tools and their use and explain various helpful plastering tips.
With a tiny bit of attention, you can and will save cash, create a sense of euphoria and sleep well knowing, no problemo, I did this repair myself.

Save cash, great workout, sense of accomplishment, what more in life does a righteous person desire?

Old Kirk says material knowledge is 70% of being a well-rounded plasterer,
The other 30% is application.

Our unique plastering Tip: all subscribers or anyone who stumbles on our channel with a question, type it into our Stucco/Plastering channel, and like magic, a video will appear to explain how it’s done.
This feature is miles ahead of any plastering forum.

East Bay Stucco & Plastering Contractor

Next, kick back, relax, and enjoy the video!
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Thank you all for watching, and wishing all a great day!

Kirk & Jason Giordano
Kirk & Jason Giordano

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