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Rapid set stucco all three coats same day, Rapid set stucco for weekend warrior plastering










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Thank you all for watching this free crash course on applying Rapid set cement plaster for weekend plastering warriors.

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Can you really apply three coats to an entire home with rapid-set stucco?
Of course, you can. I did it once, about 14 years ago, with my crew.
We scratched and browned the entire home by lunchtime, then took lunch.
After lunch, we applied cementitious maintenance-free or integrated stucco finish over the entire home.
Granted, if the homeowners wanted to have an acrylic stucco applied or wanted it painted, we would have had to wait the traditional 28 days while most curing it.
However, you can apply a breathable cementitious finish over it, say La Habra, Western, Omega, Carsons, BMI, etc.

Stucco Same-Day finishing for the DIY weekend. DIY weekend plastering warriors.
Rapid set stucco all three coats the same day. Rapid set stucco for weekend warrior plastering
DIY weekend plastering warriors are learning stucco.

Hi folks, in this video, Jason and I show you how we apply two coats of stucco back to back.
When the brown coat (second coat) started to dry, I applied a textured finish to match the existing taping mud finish on the rest of these interior walls.

We are applying Eisenwall hydraulic cement plaster for this plastering project.
FYI, our mix is three times the sand added to every part of cement plaster, similar to almost all the portland based stucco systems.
A little more or less sand, no big deal. Einsenwall is only sold at professional plastering yards, such as “Westside building materials” in Oakland, ca., and many other cities and states.
Thus if you want to do like Ole kirk, google plastering yards near me.

As with all cement these days, both coats can be applied on the same day or back. The Stucco losses its “packs” if over mixed. Or over troweled, so put in on with as few strokes as possible. In other words, Don’t play with it.
What the heck does that mean? Excellent question; Glad you asked.
The strength of the stucco can be compromised If over mixed or over troweled.

This video explains all about plastering tools such as hawks, trowels, and other used tools.
I try to explain what we’re doing in easy-to-understand terminology so that even my dear old granddad can understand how to stucco a wall.

Folks, if you feel your opened parking structure is covered, thus you can just sheetrock, think about storms with wind-driven rain that blows sideways.
Therefore, it’s not good to install sheetrock outside even if it’s covered.

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Our unique stucco crash course tip: all subscribers or anyone who stumbles on our channel with a question, type your question into our channel, and like magic, a video will appear to explain how it’s done. This feature is miles ahead of any plastering forum. Kirk’s website and contact information My son Jason’s Website
Kirk & Jason Giordano’s worldwide online free crash course of learning to use Rapid set stucco for weekend stucco warriors.

Thank you all for watching, and wishing all a great day!

Kirk & Jason Giordano
Kirk & Jason Giordano

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