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Interior ceiling plaster loose remove and repair










Interior ceiling plaster loose remove and repair.
Hi, in this how-to video, we are pointing out how to remove loose interior plaster and repair the ceiling properly with a new application.

How many of us have walked in our attic with no flooring and stepped off the rafters and into the field? I’ll bet many a working man.

I’m applying to one of the oldest and best plasters used worldwide. In fact, it’s specked out for hospitals and schools for too many reasons to mention here.

Okay, its primary use is for strength, insulation values, and fire and soundproofing.

I added an accelerator as structo-lite takes about 3 to 5 hours to set.
So, Ole Kirk is not waiting that long for any plaster to set.
As a rule, you cant trowel down the smooth structo-lite application as it’s gluey by nature, but the trick is to hit it fast and keep your trowel wet or move quickly, or it will drag.

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