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Plastering for Dummies, step by step video tutorial










Plastering for Dummies, step by step video tutorial

Hello ambitious guys and gals, in this video I am showing what I like best in the plastering industry, which is how many coats of plaster do you need to fill out to existing stucco depths.
This is a very misleading question with many correct answers.

For the average homeowner I would suggest a scratch coat at 3/8 wait 48 hours then apply another coat of 3/8, but wait, this is for a typical or normal thickness of stucco.

On this odd project the existing stucco is 2 inches think, so the amount of coats and their depths change big time or according to what you may have to match!

For the average home owners who may have a hard time applying thick coats without dropping most of the mud I would recommend 4 coats or hiring a fella with some time in, hopefully you will not find after a break out that you’re existing stucco is 2 inches thick!
However, I have seen this many, many time myself.

I am shown here applying 2 inches plus a finish coat to match the existing on the same day as I consider this fun and not a bit challenging. If you realize all interior and exterior finish take the same knowledge but the circumstance vary sometimes you will understand that it only take improvising to get the desired results.

We set up this video as Plastering for Dummies, which gives a step by step video tutorial With a small bit of attention you can connect the dots in understanding the basics of stucco and plastering,
this know how can be used to save you some dough, and if you do the work yourself will help create a sense of euphoria and peaceful nights sleep knowing, cool beans daddio, I did this small plaster repair myself.

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Plastering for Dummies, step by step video tutorial
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