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Popular how to plaster a ceiling video, Same day stucco system










Popular how to plaster a ceiling video, Same day stucco system

Hello everyone,
Here Jason and I show the proper way to scratch and brown a soffit ceiling in a 8 hour period plus 6 eight foot pillars and all the returns. This is a tough thing to do in one day, but made possible by using Eisenwall hydraulic rapid set stucco system.
For all you DIY folks who follow our videos I would advise you to apply a scratch coat to any ceiling or wall for that matter, then come back after a couple of days to apply your second coat.
If you ask, why did i do this over studs, I would honestly have to admit because I can, and was showing off.
It gets sort of boring just doing simply stucco projects day in and out so I had a little fun and did something challenging for this video.
Plus to make it a bit easier I had my brother Louuuu, hod carry so Jason and I could just apply stucco.

FYI, For this cement plaster mud I asked my brother to add only twice the sand to cement ratio, instead of the normal three parts sand to one part cement we normally use for walls, as I wanted this mud to be sticky.
Therefore it would hold much better for this anti gravity situation, applying mud on walls is easy, on a ceiling gravity tends to want to help force or allow it to fall, so the mud must be rich or what I call sticky.

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Popular how to plaster a ceiling video
How to plaster a ceiling video, Same day stucco system
Thanks for watching and have a great day!
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Kirk & Jason Giordano
Kirk & Jason Giordano

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