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Professional Caulking tips










Professional Caulking tips
Professional Caulking for Dummies or Caulking 101

This link below is for Stucco Structural extensive cracking, no problemo, easy to fix.

If I had given the caulking one more day to dry, it would have shown the caulking sucked up, ops.

Hello, we are sharing some Professional Caulking tips in this video.

Cracking stucco walls are due to” Thermal Expansion.” That’s expansion and constriction, and yes, it’s not only common but normal. extensive cracking on stucco walls. why they appear, plaster wall cracking. is cracking in stucco walls. is cracking new cement plaster. shrinkage cracks. stucco walls crack 2010.

Most realize It’s never good practice to apply the caulk in very cold or hot weather.
We usually caulk in the morning before the sun has a chance to heat the stucco wall,
On the technical side, the size of the joint being sealed will be at either its most comprehensive (when cold contracts the substrates)

If a sealant is applied at either extreme, the size of the joint being sealed will be at either its most comprehensive (when cold contracts the substrates) or at its narrowest (when heat expands the substrates).
Thus, if the sealant is applied at either temperature (and joint-width) extreme, it will undergo the most significant possible stress over time as the temperature travels to the opposite extreme.

By applying caulk to a joint in the middle of the typical temperature range expected for your area, you will minimize the overall stress involved in the caulk due to thermal changes.

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