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Repair a concrete foundation Rapid Set Stucco, Apply six inches of Rapid Set Stucco same day










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Fix a Concrete foundation super stucco, and apply six inches of strong stucco on the same day.
Repair a concrete foundation with stucco six inches thick.
how to repair a concrete foundation with a super-strong stucco.

Hello, my friends; in this video, we share how to repair a concrete foundation with a super-strong stucco.

In this video, we share the strongest stucco produced, which can be used to strengthen cement foundations.I am applying about an inch and a half to two inches for each pass with this foundation.
I went around the whole home three times.
Note, when using that much stucco with one pass takes time in, you should start with about half an inch if you have a foundation or any walls that need patching.

We are applying a Rapid set hydraulic stucco 6 inches thick, same day coat after coat.
I basically apply one inch of stucco at a time. Generally, the stucco coats for walls I apply 3/8 at a time, then allow setting,
I realized some areas were more than 6 inches thick, but I didn’t want to go around this entire home’s perimeter more than three times, so I applied roughly two inches each time I went around this home’s foundation three times.

When cured, this concrete foundation’s repairs will be super-strong as we’re using stucco called Eisenwall hydraulic cement plaster. Produced by Rapid Set.

The guys who pressure washed this foundation used a strong pressure washer to a crumbling foundation. This is why they blew through it in a couple spots. Shit happens.

We are spreading or applying Rap[id set’s Eisenwall cement as a hydraulic plaster.
This cement hydraulic cement plaster is only sold at the Plastering yards to find this fast-setting hydraulic stucco. “Google plastering yards near me.”
We take the 94-pound sack of hydraulic cement plaster and mix it three times the sand to the hydraulic cement.
Eisenwall also manufactures a DIY or homeowner-friendly product called “Rapid set Stucco.”
It’s sold at HD and lowes plus all other hardware stores, “Rapid set stucco” is sold in 10 or 25-pound boxes or more significant amounts in 50 to 94-pound bags. This is a user-friendly product.
What that means, the sand is already in the bags. You just add water.
Like all the same day cement plasters don’t over mix, three to 5 minutes.
What happens if you overmix the cement plaster explodes while you are mixing!
Just kidding.
Overmixing compromises the strength with all the same-day plasters.

Larry Beilman of Beilman Con. Located in Alameda, ca. did the exploration in this video. His son Pat pressure washed this old beat-up foundation about as best as one can do.
Then Larry called us to put it back together.
Larry Beilman is a licensed general contractor who has built at least 15 second-story additions in the city of Alameda alone. Many well-known architects often refer him to homeowners who want their homes built right the first time.
You can reach Larry at [email protected].
And he also happens to be a really nice guy to work with too.

More rapid set videos and things that can be done with this amazing cement plaster. Rapid set stucco for weekend warrior plastering.

Repair a concrete foundation Rapid Set Stucco. Apply six inches of Rapid Set Stucco same day.

Our unique stucco crash course tip: all subscribers or anyone who stumbles on our channel with a question, type your question into our channel, and like magic, a video will appear to explain how it’s done. This feature is miles ahead of any plastering forum. Kirk’s website and contact information My son, Jason’s Website
Kirk & Jason Giordano’s worldwide online free crash course on Rapid set stuccos.

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Kirk & Jason Giordano
Kirk & Jason Giordano

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