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Replace old mesh vents with louvers vents










Replace old mesh vents with louvers vents

Howdy folks. In this video I show you how to install new stucco vents on a home that the current vents were as banged up as a loose screen door in a hurricane.
We were hired to replace the existing old rusted vents with new louver vents to protect the basement area of this home.
Upon removing the vents and stucco we discovered a couple of things that made this job a little more challenging than anticipated. The paper around these vents was very deteriorated, and they had a sheet rock material behind their stucco system, so we were forced to shim out the vents in order to make them true and plumb.
Waterproofing a project like this is difficult.
There was very little paper for us to salvage, but we did as best as possible.
All of us are only as good as what we have to work with.
A person should use a strong polyurethane caulking to seal up the area as well as to fuse the paper to the vents.
Once the lath is complete we applied our stucco to the areas using accelerators and then floated them to match the texture.

it’s best to place these vents on the plywood or studs under the stucco, then paper and caulk.

I would use any quality polyurethane caulking, as the 35 year latex and silicones won’t last more than ten years despite the claim of say 35 years reference on the tubes, the 35 year reference on the tube more than likely means if covered with any type of cladding and not exposed to weather,
Sikaflex 1 A polyurethane caulking is the one I prefer,

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Replace old mesh vents with louvers vents
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Thanks for watching and have a great day!

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