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Modern-day stucco applications










Modern-day stucco applications.
Modern-day stucco applications Version 2.
There was not too much audio noise, plus we subtitled this video.

Hello all, We show and explain the most modern stucco materials for the best results in this Same-day stucco.

I’m working with my lovely daughter, Madeleine, who is actually a biologist, on break, who can plaster as well as most men. Yes, she’s strong and can easily do 10 pullups properly.

And of course, my son Jason, who video’s our work, can plaster as well as yours truly, if not better.

Let’s take, for example, the traditional cement stucco bags, on average, cost about 15 to 20 dollars.
These days, they have a structural strength of about 1,200 to 1600 PSI after the cure time of about 28 days.
Eisenwall hydraulic cement plaster costs 45 to 70 dollars a bag with an incredible PSI strength of about 3,500 psi after the 28-day cure.
Concrete foundations and walkways have a PSI strength of about 3,000 to 4000 PSI depending on the rocks added to the Portland cement.

This means our hydraulic stucco is as strong as most concrete, in fact, stronger than some. Want to know how that is? Me too.
However, I’m an applicator, not an engineer.🤔
Here’s my work philosophy,
Sure, I pay more for all materials; however, my learned material knowledge means I usually set up most stucco repair projects once; plus, you get the job done faster.
With modern quality types of Plastering cement, that’s double the strength of traditional stuccos.

FYI, They sell the sister product that is user-friendly to this at Home Depot and Lowes.
It’s called “Rapid set stucco” buy the 94-pound bags. It has sand and quick-drying cement stucco in it already. You just add water and apply.

Plaster master, every patch is a perfect match. Actually, no one can do that. We do the best we can with what we have to work with.

Next, kick back, relax, and enjoy the video!
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Thank you all for watching, and wishing all a great day!

Kirk & Jason Giordano
Kirk & Jason Giordano

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