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Santa Barbara Smooth Mission stucco finish, SBMF










Santa Barbara Smooth Mission stucco finish, SBMF

Howdy folk, in this video Jason, Dan and I show and explain Step by step instructions on how to apply Santa Barbara Smooth Mission finish on walls.
On this video we conclude a Santa Barbara Smooth Mission Stucco Finish on a house we stared before the rains held us off.
We simply show our methods of applying this particular Mediterranean home stucco finish as every plastering fella may do something a bit different then the next guy.
Old kirk say’s “apply two coats versus only one for this type of finish.”
I have done in the past, say in the early 90’s many of these finishes. This past experience provides me the luxury of knowing what to do and what not to do.
Like pounding out the mixer, wheel barrels for any and all loose stucco grit. A grain of regular sand or dirt will delay (big Time) the amount of time it takes to apply this type of finish.
Another tip fellas is, always use new buckets and very clean tools.
Many clients often ask for color variations, trowel marks, cat faces, and float marks and so on as it usually gives the home a more lived in look with charm and character.

Best wishes, thanks for watching and have a happy New Year to folks everywhere,

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Santa Barbara Smooth Mission stucco finish, SBMF
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