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Scratch and Brown plaster coat application, render application










Scratch and Brown plaster coat application, detailed explanation, render application

Hi folks. these same day Scratch and Brown plaster coat application system and or materials are (NOT NEW) when I was union apprentice back in 1982 we used these same products quite a few times. 30 years later there are more products than I have certifications to apply. (Tip) If you can understand how one is mixed and can apply it you can pretty much use them all. Of course they all have specifics of what you can and can’t do.
This video explains in detail what it takes to render a Scratch and Brown plaster coat, back to back.
It used to be every product that gave the applicator the ability to apply both the Scratch and Brown plaster on the same day, required the applicator to be certified with that particular material.
However I have seen products at the big material stores such as Home Depot and Lowes selling to the public similar products. Obviously no certification is required.
(Sign of the times)
The wall we did on this day also went around the rear yard about 15 more feet, but we were way too tired to show this additional area. We were feeling like supermen at first but after more than 10 hours we were through.
We barely had the energy to clean up and drive home. Tip, this job should have had at least 3 guys, 1 to mix and 2 to spread.
Typical guidelines for most Portland based plaster materials, are as follows. Scratch coats are mixed at 1 part cement to 2-1/4 to 4 parts sand, brown coats are mixed at 1 part cement to 3 to 5 parts sand.

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Scratch and Brown plaster coat application, render application
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Same day Scratch and Brown coat application, detailed explanation
Scratch and Brown plaster coat application, render application

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