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Secrets or reasons why all stucco new and old cracks










Secrets or reasons why all stucco new and old cracks.
There are no secrets. Only common sense.

Howdy ambitious subscribers, we’re sharing some learned knowledge about why new or existing stucco cracks.
A large, heavy front wooden door opening and closing vibrations, vibrations on any and all stucco walls are like kryptonite to Superman, not good.
I can fill a book on Why new or existing stucco cracks.
In fact, I have videos of the many reasons why this happens in great detail.

FYI, if a person does not want to deal with any stucco cracking in their lifetime, they can build a wood home. However, they are prone to wood rot and more problematic issues than hairline stucco cracks by far.
With the help of our videos below, Jasons and I will help one get a better understanding of your number 1 investment.

Cracking stucco walls are due to” Thermal Expansion.” That’s expansion and constriction, and yes, it’s not only common but normal.
The videos below show the secretes or reasons why stucco homes or houses crack.
Jasons and I put videos of very different circumstances to explain every detail known to man as to why stucco cracks.
Enjoy and learn why instead of wondering is it a bad thing on your stucco home or your walls.
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