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Structo-Lite basecoat over an interior brick fireplace










Structo-Lite basecoat over an interior brick fireplace.
Structo-Lite over a brick fireplace area.
In this video, we applied this Structo-lite base coat over what used to be a brick fireplace.
If interested in the lime finish, we applied afterward. See the video below. finish over a structo lite base-coat on a fireplace

Structo-Lite plastering over a brick or cinder block fireplace, structo-lite is for interiors.
Hello ladies and gentlemen, I’m explaining structo-Lite plaster in this video while applying it over a brick or cinder block fire. Structo-lite-lite is for interiors, so don’t try using it for exterior repairs.

We are spreading our favorite base coat plaster structo-lite.
Remember that structo-lite sets are between 3 to 5 hours, so not all homeowners are thrilled to use them.

However, and more importantly, hospitals, schools, police stations, racketball courts, and many other buildings require it as the base-coat for fire and soundproofing reasons.

Personally, I use additives or accelerators for gauging the set time of each bucket full when skimming interior fireplaces, chimney and interiors walls, and other small stuff.

USG Brand Structo-Lite 50 lb. Basecoat Plaster is mill-mixed perlite-aggregate gypsum plaster.
It can be applied by hand or machine over gypsum or metal lath, clay tile, concrete or cinder blocks, and other approved plaster bases.

Back when I was an apprentice over 35 years ago, the bags of Structo-Lite base coat weighed
80-pounds per bag. Today they’re sold in 50-pound bags.

We used to spread this structo-lite base coat in hospitals and schools as this Basecoat Plaster had many benefits such as fire and sound resistance, fire resistance, plus strength and noise reductions.

Note; This base cost plaster feels gluey when applied.
This is a crucial reason why it cannot be steel troweled smoothly.
I have found that If I want this base-coat smooth, it’s necessary to keep my trowel wet; thus, it won’t pull or drag the gluey surface.
This, too, takes practice.

I applied “Diamond plaster” for the finish coat as “Diamond lime plaster” has no sand thus can be troweled relatively smooth. Diamond is USG’s name for lime plaster.
You have a rock-like monolithic surface on your wall when this lime sets. Its also moister resistant with fire and soundproof abilities and resistant to mold and or fungus, plus many more advantages.
Such as being exceptionally durable and strong.
Unlike gypsums taping mud or accelerated gypsums called joint compounds, lime is so strong that it cant be sanded, nor can thumbtacks go through it.

Here’s a tip, my friends, I can smooth even the gluey structo-lite plaster down. If I put an inch or five on, the secret or advice is to wipe your trowel down with your sponge float with every stroke. Thus, the water helps the trowel glide across the structo-lite without sticking.

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