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Plastering one-on-one course in plastering in San Diego










Plastering one-on-one course in plastering in San Diego, just for fun

Happy holidays to all. My Son Dan and I were in San Diego for a couple of days. While bike riding stopped to watch some fellas plastering a complicated wood beam with a ceiling.
After a while, the fellow, Doug, kept looking at me and said, “Aren’t you those guys who do YouTube videos?”

I replied, yea, we’ve done a few on how to plaster. Doug, then said well, man, I’m having a hard time making it stick. What am I doing wrong?
I said your working against gravity.
I thought, O well, I’d rather be plastering than riding a bike, so I proceeded to give Doug and Angelo a one-on-one course in plastering.
The funny thing was when I left. I told my Son Dan; there’s no way he’s going to be able to complete that warp around the newly installed beam as it’s too complicated/detailed, and one would have to defy gravity.
Well, We returned later that day, and Ole Doug did indeed repair it, and correctly, I thought to myself, man, this guy learns incredibly fast, but then he told me that he also does concrete work.
I think Angelo helped plaster it. Angelo was the Spanish dude mixing, a heck of a guy, and a hard worker who beautifully got it done.

My Son Dan thought it cool to be recognized, so he filmed some of it with his iPhone 6, not the greatest quality but an idea of what was going on.
Just for the fun of it.
The fact that they ran out of the base coat was not such a big deal. There are ways to apply a color finish ten times thicker than the manufacturers suggest.
You apply coat after coat, yes it’s a lot more work, but improvising is an art.

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