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- Plastering professionals teaching DIY weekend warriors how to plaster.
- Same-day Plastering the most complete Plastering video online, Modern Plaster techniques revealed.

Good day to all our over 100,000 subscribers on Youtube, and the average homeowner, DIYer, or weekend plastering warrior who happens to stumble on this ‘how to plaster video.’ Our channel has more than 40 million views for a good reason. We explain stucco and cement plastering clearly so that even my “great-grandma” can understand.

By the way, folks, my pal, Jake Johnson, is located in Vacaville, ca. Jake is also a licensed plastering contractor I have had the honor of working with for many years.
Jake has helped me with many jobs in the last 15 years.
All wishing estimates for plastering work in his area, please call him at 707-660-1422.
Like many of us, Jake had his plastering license, does he today during COVID times? I don’t know.
I know he is great at both stucco and plastering installations, as I have worked with him for many years.
Jake, like my son, is the future of plastering repairs.

This video explains Stucco/plastering metal roof to wall, “saddle flashing,” metal saddles for a roof to the wall will save their areas from rainwater.
Stucco/plastering, wall to roof metal flashing, metal flashing saddles for stucco/plastered homes is a boring topic but their use is necessary.

Will the average homeowner need this advice? Doubtful.
As it’s up to the stucco/Plastering contractor or the roofing contractor to explain to the average homeowner that spending the extra dough for these metal saddles will benefit them in the long run, From wood rot damage in the future.

I have been in this stucco trade for more than 40 years. This video explains with sound advice on how you can earn to lath your own repairs and save a lot of dough.

    In the links below, Jason and I took the liberty of researching the best tools at the lowest cost used by us.
This removes the guesswork for you out of buying plastering and other stucco tools.

     At the same time, you can also buy your everyday supplies through Amazon too, whatever your needs are. 🤷‍♂️  
   Amazon delivers with Prime, right to your front door… makes a person downright lazy but happy. 👍
     Plus, this helps support us a bit so we can keep making these teaching videos.  

Remember, once on the Amazon page, you can buy not just the tools we recommend but anything your heart desires.
Who out there does not like getting stuff in the mail? 🎁

Plastering Hawk large:
Plastering’s perfect Trowel:
Green sponge plastering float:
Two-handled plastering Darby:
DEWALT Air Compressor:

Note, You may also type in any question you may have on Stucco/Plastering issues on our channel, and like magic, a video will appear to explain how it’s done. This feature is miles ahead of any plastering forum. 🥳
   BTW, we have switched to powerful, modern, and long-lasting all battery-operated Milwaukee tools for good reasons.
Take the Dual Chemistry M18 Job-site Radio. For me, this is one of my favorite tools for any job site:  I plug my cell phone in the top, then listen commercial-free to my music all day… or my dad’s favorite artists.  😏

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Note to all the new apprentice’s plasterers around the world, if you want to impress the heck out of your friends with skills beyond comprehension theirs, click here.
Spinning plastering Hawk secret is revealed at 4:33, so go to it and impress the heck out of all your plastering co-workers.

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East Bay Stucco & Plastering Contractor

Kirk and Jason Giordano, together, we have created the most comprehensive encyclopedia of Stucco and Plastering videos ever produced globally.
Bringing peace, love, and brotherhood back into plastering.🎭🏝🎆

Kirk & Jason Giordano
Kirk & Jason Giordano

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Check out our recommended stucco tools if you plan on doing it yourself!

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