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Pool trowel vs. Square trowel. Which is better










Pool trowel vs. Square trowel. Which is better.
best Plastering or stucco trowel kirk Giordano’s swim-pool trowel used in all his videos

Swimming pool trowels vs. Square or rectangular trowels

BTW any and all trowel manufacturers worldwide, this trowel seems no longer to exist as “Currie” discontinued it for whatever reason. Who really cares?
Any trowel manufacturers who design the same trowel contact me. I will direct folks who wish to purchase it to your amazon and site channel. I had at least 20 inquiries for this trowel. We have 900 videos!
Let’s show the world or whoever gives a shit that it’s again for sale by just a different company, perhaps from a foreign country. It is the best-designed trowel for interior or exterior Plastering or applying stucco.

Ole Kirk says, “the best Plastering or stucco trowel kirk Giordano’s swim-pool trowel used in all his videos.”
I thought I would point out some details about my trowel of choice for over 35 years.
You would have to watch this video below to understand,
I share my experience of why I prefer a customed swim-pool trowel Vs. the standard rectangular plaster or stucco trowel.
Or what is called an ordinary swimming pool trowel.
“FYI, a typical swimming pool trowel has a perfect radius and has a width of 3 to 4-inch widths are great for Cement Masons, BUT NOT, for stucco or plastering applications” as the width is too narrow.
Thus the blade does not flex.
A master and or journeyman plasterer moves the mud where they want it. This comes with wrist strength and flexibility of extra width.
Again a swimming pool trowel with a perfect radius is ideal for concrete finishing but “useless” for skilled plastering applicators.

They are designed for pushing the rocks in cement down to a smooth level, often using much strength, thus the smaller width.

My 16-inch trowel has a 4 1/2, while my 18 and 20-inch trowel has a width of 5 inches; these small details matter to skilled plasterers and DIYers.

I feel all swim pool trowels should have 5-inch widths so that master plasterers may also use them until this is understood by the makers of trowels; the 16×4 1/2 I show and the 18 X 5 is your best bet for Plastering,

Note: The 18 and 20-inch long trowels are the easiest for interior Plastering as the ark in the radius leaves no lines at the top and bottom of the trowel.

Lastly, the 10 cents or so we make if you purchase this trowel on our site is no motivation for me to recommend it. Go to or order straight from Google as we don’t really profit from any tools. It’s more of a hassle than anything.
Thus any tool I recommend it’s to your advantage. I’m mealy the messenger you can trust.
Hope the above paragraph doesn’t sound like whining, as I’m not. I’m just honest by nature.😉

That being said, an experienced plasterer like myself can use a frying pan or my shoe to get mud on a wall. Stucco walls using shoes, pans, shovels, or trowels.

To any trowel manufacturers worldwide that may read this, duplicate the trowel in this video, send me the link, I’ll post it for you for free on my site or in this video.
Thus our subscribers can buy it directly from you, as it’s the best for stucco and or Plastering, especially interiors.

Next, kick back, relax, and enjoy the video!
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