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Interior plastering, can exterior stucco be used for Interior plastered walls










Interior plastering, can exterior stucco be used for Interior plastered walls.
Can exterior stucco or cement plastering be used for Interior plastered walls, yes
Superior Interior Plastered walls.
Howdy, all, I’m showing in this video while explaining the strongest exterior cement plaster I know of. They asked for strength. I gave them strength.
Will this hold up the house? No.

In this video, we are applying an exterior cement plaster. Is it stronger than any interior plaster? Of course, it is. However, if you are a kid and want to use thumbtacks to hang your posters or pictures, forget it as they won’t go through cement plaster.

No plastering method will completely stabilize the wall. why?
FYI, even though we attached metal stucco lath and then applied, Eisenwall which is much stronger than the Structo-lite they originally had.
When that foundation moves, and it will, concrete, stone or even brick won’t stop the movement started at a foundation or below.🍾

The most common plaster for interior walls is Structo-lite as a basecoat followed by a lime finish.

This video simply shows an alternative to interior plasters using an exterior stucco.
I think what we use in hospitals and schools for many reasons, Structo-lite-basecoat, with a lime finish; the method I’m showing is nearly a stronger alternative.

Some of you folks might enjoy this video where were are applying Eisenwall six inches thick. Stucco to repair a foundation, six inches thick

Next, kick back, relax, and enjoy the video!
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