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Why do we dilute Weld Crete, Stucco, and Concrete bonding agents










Why do we dilute Weld Crete, Stucco, and Concrete bonding agents?
Folks, whatever you get out of this video, keep in mind this is why I dilute some bonding agents! So if you’re no professional or homeowner or even a newbie, do what the can or bottle says.
So you can’t point the finger at Ole, Kirk says, well, I saw Kirk doing this or that or Blaw, Blaw Blaw.

Kirk is a professional who has applied at least a hundred color finishes to homes.
This video explains Duluting some stucco bonding agents to professional plastering contractors.
Naturally, all the details can “t be given in a 17-minute video, but we do try.

Avoid stucco texture or finish failures. Know what you’re doing.
Howdy all in this video; what happens when bonding agents are too strong for going over painted stucco finishes?

Because of our online reputation with stucco, “dos and do not’s,” many folks call me saying either the plasterer who applied a new stucco finish over my painted stucco finished it.
A mere 6 months later, most of it separates or has fallen off.
Or the opposite, “the man who plastered my home is done, but the walls have lots of weird cracks in them all over the house.”

On average, I say I receive about twice a month the call asking for advice for the stucco failing.
I get asked about a new finish showing lots of spider cracking once every two months.
Fuuny, before we did any youtube videos, I was still called on the telephone and asked the same questions. Not as much as these days, but quite often.

I’m just touching the surface of stucco, concrete, or plastering bonding agents used for stucco over painted wall surfaces or other finishes.

Larson’s “Weld-Crete,” is a potent bonding agent for mainly concrete to concrete.
It can also be used to adhere permanently stucco to any painted surface.
Or for interior use, “Plaster Weld” is used to adhere all plasters or drywall compounds to any drywall or sheetrock surface, no matter what the color surface skin is.

The moral of this video is full strength. Unfortunately, Weld Crete is too strong for adhering stucco color coats to painted surfaces.
Thus, this video allows the Plastering professionals to apply the bonding agent to any painted stucco. This way, you’re assured it will work as intended.

I would explain a bit more in detail about the properties of Weld Crete made by Larsons. Throughout my entire time in the plastering trade, I’ve not used a more potent liquid bonding agent for adhering plaster to interiors (plaster weld) or cement plasters and stuccoes to painted exterior surfaces or concrete to concrete.
Always use full-strength bonding agents for concrete to concrete.

The application of a color coat cementitious maintenance finish over a painted surface is something I recommend you hire a licensed plastering contractor, for as what I explained in this video is just the tip of the iceberg in regards to how to properly use Weld Crete or any other bonding agent such as Quikrete.

Plus, learning to apply a color coat takes years of practice.

I also dilute Weld Crete when I apply it to a brown coat before applying smooth finishes to cut down on the suction.
This reasoning usually applies to seasoned plastering experts.
If you are unsure, try the liquid bonding agent made by Quikrete.
Again read their instructions before use as they say add two gallons of water for use as a primer. Confused?
Call your neighborhood plastering contractor and have them apply the color coat.

Lastly, Larson’s bonding agent has been around since 1952, sold in all the plastering yards. It was the first and no doubt still one of the best.

Below are a couple of videos that explain the entire stucco finishing process in detail.
Please, be our guest view, and enjoy smooth Stucco over rough stucco. Stucco color retexturing gabs. make smooth, heavy textures, stucco. integrated stucco color finishes. Moss. Applying a skip trowel stucco with a base coat.

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Next, kick back, relax, and enjoy the video!
Oh yeah, don’t forget to save the world, like and subscribe. It’s not only good karma, but It also makes you feel warm and fuzzy all over.

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Thank you all for watching, and wishing all a great day!

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