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Why new smooth stucco cracks do’ and don’ts, when spreading smooth stucco or steal trowel finishes.










Howdy all in this how-to and why new smooth stucco cracks it’s more do’s and don’ts when spreading smooth stucco or steel trowel finishes.

As folks ask these often. This technical stuff I am asked often why this happens when folks are trying to trowel down smooth finishes.
We’re showing how to apply or spread the two coats of Smooth stucco towards the end of the video and only on the bottom, and this shed was full of landmines, bushes, roots, pipes, you name it, many obstacles around the perimeter.
It was tough to walk, let alone work around this tool shed, so I was stuck only spreading the lower wall with both coats.

Remember, if you’re spreading a smooth coat finish, no sand “aggregate” should be left in the basecoat, which means you have to trowel your brown coat smoothly before applying a smooth color finish.

Or any and all excess sand will take you twice as long because your trowel drags them across the finished coat.
FYI, it’s the force of the trowel that moves the water necessary to apply the stucco that is moved around, which causes discoloration, sort of like pouring Clorox on Bluejeans.

With all earth-tone stock colors, theirs little notice with discoloring with all other textures and finishes, such as sand or textures.

However, with smooth finishes, there’s always a chance for discoloring ghosting, or bleeding of colors.
The darker the base coat as in 200 gray base coat, and a choice of Lifestyle colors instead of a two-pound bag of color, color bag pigmentations can weigh up to a 10-pounds bag or more.
The chances are more likely to get some discoloration.

I will include some color coat finishes below this text, which the landscape made it much better for seeing what we’re doing. Cheers.

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